Why the High Weald – and a new guidebook – beckons.

I am delighted to have been commissioned to research, write and photograph a new book: Day Walks in the High Weald. This is not my first guidebook. It is, in fact, my fifth but like children, each book is no less special and involves a journey. The interesting stuff that goes on behind the scenes in the making of a guidebook happens off the page and this is the journey that I want to share.

Join me in my exploration of Sussex and Kent as I capture images and experiment with photography, as I encounter places and people, and enjoy new experiences with friends and family. Join me too as I learn about the literature of the outdoors. The landscape of the High Weald is ours and awaits discovery.

I write fiction too and have recently graduated from the MA Creative Writing at Bath Spa. The MA has rekindled my desire to learn – about myself and about my place in the outdoors, about how literature and landscape interact and to share my love of the natural world with others in a way which goes beyond the strict confines and word count of the guidebook.

I may have some preliminary knowledge of an area or go out to investigate unfamiliar parts of the High Weald beforehand but my plan is too research each route by myself, write up the directions and capture shots of the landscape. I look forward to some peace and quiet but more than that, to the experience of being alone in the landscape. It is a feeling which is hard to match and which brings home our relationship to this earth.

One of my motivations for wanting to do this guidebook is physical. I love my yoga, Nia dance, cycle loops and daily dog walks but I’m far too comfortable writing at my desk, easily distracted by the lure of the screen and the hum of the fridge. I am also conscious of a hunger to seize the moment. Recent years have forced me to come to terms with the aging of my parents and the inevitable reach of mortality until I now appreciate how my own time here on earth is limited. What better way to banish such shadows than to walk 200 miles, explore new territory and see what adventures I can find?

My ever-faithful assistant and cocker spaniel, Saffie, will be at my side. She sees her role as threefold: she guards the camera bag, chases rabbits in circles and proves to all doubters that there is no such thing as an old dog but will she be a help or a hindrance?

Let’s hope this guidebook will bring much enjoyment but remember, life is often found in the small details and the ordinary, the gaps between the words and the elements beyond the picture. Let us see what we can find.


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